Steps to Getting the Most Reliable Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes


Before you start wasting your time getting ballpark figures, take a moment to follow these simple steps for getting the most reliable Arizona auto insurance quotes:

Step One: Gather and Submit Updated and Accurate Information

No matter what you do, your first step should always be preparation. Especially when trying to find reliable Arizona auto insurance quotes, be sure to gather up all your important information before starting the process. This includes facts about your driving record, knowledge about past accidents, and basic personal information. Not only will this help you get a more accurate quote but it will also expedite the process quite a bit.

Step Two: Talk to an Agent in Person

Most Arizona auto insurance quotes can be found by simply visiting the provider’s official website. However, there comes a time when it is much easier to just speak to an insurance agent directly. Discussing your options with a live agent is a great way to learn about special discounts, incentives, and deals. In addition, in-person consultations can give you access to information you may not be considering.

Step Three: Ask for a Guarantee on the Quote

Whether you get your Arizona auto insurance quotes online or through a live agent, you still need to lock in the amount you were quoted if possible. Some providers actually offer a price guarantee, but sometimes you have to ask for it. A promise from an insurance company should be put in writing and you should purchase the policy as quickly as you can. Some quote guarantees have short shelf-lives, so be swift in your decision-making so that you don’t lose an excellent opportunity to save money.

Step Four: Account for Savings and Incentives

When you get a quote on auto insurance, it might not always include the discounts or incentives for which you are eligible. It is important to consider those and to add or subtract from your quoted premium as needed. Be sure to include this adjustment in your price guarantee if you get one.